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  1. Delfini R, Salvati R, Passacantilli E, Pacciani E. Note that. Can be used with both BibTeX and BibLaTeX files; use. Tex to force BibTeX. Te that pandoc citeproc bib2json and pandoc citeproc bib2yaml can.
  2. The flexion-rotation test and active cervical mobility—a comparative measurement study in cervicogenic headache. This population based study uses the Acute Coronary Treatment and Intervention Outcomes Network Registry to evaluate the prevalence of smoking cessation medicat
  3. A controlled trial testing the effectiveness of therapeutic exercise and manipulative treatment for cases of cervicogenic headache found that efficacy was not substantially affected by age, gender, or headache chronicity in patients with moderate to severe pain intensity. Following is an explanation of the components, where the coloring is for demonstration purposes and is not used in actual formatting:Heilman, J. Referenzart Beschreibung erforderliche Felder optionale Felder; article: Zeitungs oder Zeitschriftenartikel: author, title, journal, year: volume, number, pages. For any academicresearch writing, incorporating your references into your document is an important task. Rtunately, as LaTeX was aimed for this sort of work, it.

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